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Bird Watching

This region has always been widely known as a bird sanctuary, and Discovery Wetlands welcomes over 225 species of residential and migratory birds for visitors to appreciate year after year. Calling out all bird watchers and nature photographers, it doesn’t get better than this.

Animal Feeding

We are home to a variety of animals that are eager to meet you! Come and discover how fun they can be during our animal feeding sessions. Talk about playing with food!


Recreational fishing provides a level of challenge, competition, and reward that supersedes the culinary or financial value of your catch. Get ready to discover a plethora of species hook, line, and sinker.

Adventure Cycling

Get your adrenaline pumping with an exhilarating ride through the Adventure Cycling Trail, punctuated with captivating points of interest within Discovery Wetlands. Push yourself to the limit within nature!

Horse Back Riding

Explore horseback riding, from simple joy rides to 5km horse trails. There’s no better way to see and feel the land than from up on horseback!

Boat Cruise

The Discovery Wetlands experience wouldn’t be complete without this leisurely cruise down the lake in an open boat. Look out for wildlife along the lake bank, you’ll be surprised by what you might find!

Hot-Air Balloon

This unique tethered hot-air balloon experience takes place within the airspace of Discovery Wetlands, providing a 360 panoramic view of the lush greens and vast lakes here.

  Hot Air Balloon Ride*
(7am - 10am on Weekends Only)
 Bird Watching*
 Animal Feeding*
 Adventure Cycling*
 Horseback Riding*
 Boat Cruise
Selected AttractionEstimate Time**
Safari Ride Exit20 minutes
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*Coming Soon End 2020.
**Displayed times are estimations and may vary by ± 15 minutes.